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Hi guys,

Inspired by my colleague who will have a trip to Japan in the end of this February, I have an idea to write this post about my trip in early spring 2015.
So, I went there on the beginning of March 2015, it was actually quite near the spring season. But still it was very cold, I need 3 to 4 layers of clothes. >_<

Since it was my first time to Japan, I researched about the "early blossom".
It is sad if I cannot have a chance to meet the gorgeous Sakura-chan since it was MARCH. Hahahaha..

I found that Kawazu sakura is the most famous early bloomer, but I was quite nervous to go to Kawazu on my first trip to Japan. My friend and I only went to the most mainstream places and cities. LOL.

So, I gave up on Sakura-chan and researched about her sister, Ume-chan, the plum blossom.
It is similar with Sakura, but there are several specifications that make them different. (I'm quite good to differentiate them! #proud LOL)
But for the beauty, of course it's the same. ^^
The plum blossom blooms around February and March (late winter to early spring).

I went to Yushima Tenjin shrine, this shrine hold the Plum Blossom festival every year.

White Ume!


I also went to Shinjuku Gyoen to see some early bloomer.
It's Sakura! but I'm not sure about the type.


This one is sakura for sure, and I overheard some Oji-san around me said it is Kawazu zakura desu.

See you on my next post ^^ 



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