Kimono Strolling in Kyoto ♥

I will share my experience with Kimono renting in Kyoto.
For the second time, I rent a kimono again in Kyoto.
I will tell you both of my experiences since I loveee this thing, kinda addicted. Hihi..

Last year, I rented the kimono in Yumekyoto, it's in Gion area and located next to Yasaka shrine. I arrived at 3 PM (yes, wt* I was doing >_<), saying to the receptionist that I've booked a reservation to rent a kimono, then he asked for my name, etc. After that, a female staff guided me to their kimono collection. 

Because it was already afternoon, the good *bling-bling* selection was mostly already taken by others, leaving not really much option for me. However, it was quick for me to choose the kimono that capture my heart (lol), the pink-peach sakura kimono. The staff then brought out some obi (kimono's belt) that she thought would match the kimono, where I chose the gray one.

The "wearing kimono" ritual was done in the dressing room. Since it was still considered winter, I left my heattech inner on. After putting layers after layer, the staff sent me to the hairstyling section (this is optional, please note that you have to pay extra for this).

It took about 30 minutes for hairstyling, then they offered me the bag and sandal to be worn with the kimono (while my bag and shoes was put into a big plastic bag). It's safe to do so, trust me, it's Japan after all xD, tied with a ticket that have the same ID with the one I hold. Because it's still cold outside, I asked for Haori (outer cardigan for kimono).

Ready to go!

Here are some of my pictures (March 2015)

Maruyama Koen Pond

Gion Area

Yasaka Shrine

For this year, I chose Kimono Wargo Rental in Kyoto Station.

It has several branches in Kyoto. I chose Kyoto station because my itinerary for that day will pass Kyoto Station a lot.

So, to share with you, what comes in my mind when choosing the kimono rental are:
- the location (will impact on what time you should go back to the rental to return the kimono)
- the collection of kimono
- the hairstyle that is included in the package (because if we choose our own style, it may cost higher that the ones that is in the package)
- the website (lol)
- the availability (like of course! aware that when it's high season like sakura, then it is high possibility that kimono rental will be fully booked every single day)
last, please pay attention for the price, there are many items for kimono dressing, make sure all the items that you want are included. (some put them in one price, some will charge you per item)

Here are some pictures of me on April 2016 (yes I gained few kilos during the years T___T ):

Got my kimono


Me choosing the sandals (geta)

Arrived at Fushimi Inari


Pray :)

Move to Nijo Castle

Ninomaru garden at Nijo Castle

When I see a photospot without any people, I ran :D

Sakura sky as beckground

Hope you enjoy this post!

See you on my next post ^^ 



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