Kiyomizu-dera Night View ♥

This post is about my latest trip to Japan with my husband in early April 2016.
We went to Kiyomizudera temple in Kyoto on April 5th.
We arrived around 5 pm and it's so hot.
The temple already closed for daytime entrance, so we waited for the nighttime entrance.
Honestly, I want to make it at daytime there since last year I already went in nighttime.

While waiting, we take pictures around the temple.

Near the entrance time, a queue is formed (not so organized though). Haha..
The main gate, Nio-mon.
 Look, this is the queue. Yes, all those people that face the camera. xD

Take pictures in front of the Sai-mon (West Gate).

This is Shidarezakura, the Weeping Cherry.

Capturing the sunset before going to the Main Hall.

Here I am in the Main Hall.

The view.

Look at that super bunch of people that stayed (yes, they literally just stay, not moving from their place), capturing millions photos of the main hall.

It was super crazy to squeeze between the crowds just to capture some photos (but I did). LOL.
Last year, even though it was also crowded but I managed to have a picture of me and my friend with the main hall background. This time..... not even tried.. Bye! Hahaha..

Our main actress, Hondo, the Main Hall.

The illuminations 
Beautiful night view ♥♥♥

The street outside the temple area is full of souvenir and snack shop. 

And what I’ll never miss is Donguri. Hahaha, yes I love Totoro very much. 

The entrance fee to Kiyomizudera is 400 Yen.
It opens for night time viewing at 6pm and closes at 9pm during spring (designated dates). You can check the website for more information.
See you on my next post ^^
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