Ghibli Museum and Inokashira Park ♥

So on the April trip, I managed to go to the Ghibli Museum. *yeayy so happy*
Last year I couldn't make it since the ticket were sold out. T_____T
That's why I'm so happy this year. Hehe.. Special thanks to my husband that have lots of colleague in Japan (he is working in a Japanese company, where I was working there too :P). One of his colleague is a resident of Mitaka, so he can purchase the ticket in advance.

FYI, if you want to go to Ghibli Museum, you should bought the ticket first through Lawson or some travel agency outside Japan (with additional fee). You can not buy the ticket on site.

I decided to get off at Kichijoji station instead of Mitaka station, so we can enjoy some stroll in the morning (the museum is about 1 km from Kichijoji station). It's reachable in 30 minutes from Tokyo Station (using JR Chuo Line).

We arrived in Ghibli Museum at 10 am which our ticket entrance time is also 10 am. 

Welcomed by my neighbor, Totoro! ♥♥♥

The museum is sooo cool, BUT visitors were not allowed take any picture inside the museum. I'm super sad.
I can't even take a picture with nekobus T____T

So, the photos that I shared were taken from the spots where visitors are allowed to take pictures. 

I was cosplaying as Mei *only the hat and skirt though* LOL 

We also ate at Straw Hat Cafe. 

We cannot take pictures inside the cafe, the staff said that this (cafe) is still part of the museum so no photo is allowed. T___T But, we still can take pictures for what lies on the table, she said. Hahaha -.-"

We finished the Museum in 3,5 hours including queuing the entrance, shopping (book shop and souvenir shop), queuing to eat in the cafe (which is long enough), and eating.

Afterwards, we went to the park for boating! Yeah.. Been wanting to do this since Nicole (Garypeppergirl) post her proposal photos ♥♥
The sakura in Inokashira is already shed away by wind and rain I guess. The color was mostly green there. But I'm not giving up, because there is no way I can go to another park with boat rental anymore (time is ticking). Haha..

The boat rental fee.
Because we are not a professional rower, I got all wet and it was enough to make me freezing since the wind was so cold that day.
And really because the weather was warm on the days before, we simply believe spring has come and we didn't check the weather forecast. However, the weather was dropped that day, which made me frozen all day with that kind of outfit. LOL. It's important for you to check the weather everyday and also the wind speed. 

The ticket for Museum Ghibli is 1000 Yen.
The location and details information is available in the website.

See you on my next post ^^ 



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